Almost 13, his back legs are failing him, but he still wants to grab a toy and have you try to get it from him.

A little rabbit has taken up residence in the side of our yard and we could not be more thrilled.

I took a photography class in junior high school and they recommended a fully manual camera to learn with so my parents bought me a Pentax K1000 and I loved it. Years later in 1986 it was stolen and I always missed that camera. My buddies bought me a replacement this year for my birthday and I feel like a little hole in my life has been filled.

The thing that prevents me from using Apple News with regularity is how it truncates longer headlines. Headlines should never be truncated ever.

Apple has effectively sized me out of the iPhone market. I can live with a 7-sized phone if I have to (I prefer the SE size), but if that is even going away I honestly do not know what I will do.