I’ve got a little social media withdrawal, LinkedIn, but not “congratulate someone on a work anniversary”-level social media withdrawal.



Does whatever an ant can

Lifts things

Is industrious

Follows orders… uh

Hey, let’s do Spider-Man instead.

He tries to play the whole “bitten by a radioactive spider” thing all cool but I bet when he’s by himself Spider-Man eats a huge bowl full of flies like it’s cereal.

Sunday meal planning consists of French toast for breakfast, followed by French toast for lunch and finished off with a sensible dinner of… [squints]… looks like French toast again.

Having a kid aged 1: scatter pacifiers throughout crib.

Having a kid aged 14: scatter power bricks throughout house.

It is only a small exaggeration to say that I would pay upwards of, oh, a zillion dollars for more Breath of the Wild content right now.

Thanks to @hir0 for pointing out Icro, a nice micro.blog client for iOS that has tabs instead of the menus of the official client. And, like him, I’ve also removed TweetBot from my dock.

Deleted my Facebook account but I’ll get emails from them forever because of that time my kid set up an account using one of my other email addresses and then forgot the password so no one can delete it.

Just deactivated my Facebook account. It was kind of nice to catch up with some people from high school but then there’s the whole trying to get all my information, tie it to my banking records and helping elect a white supremacist to the White House thing.

You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, and now for the very first time with this remarkable new web service, you can pick your friend’s nose.